About Us

Welcome to Ford & Associates Nationwide Legal Services, A.P.C. We pride ourselves on bringing together a national network of experienced, aggressive lawyers dedicated to obtaining the compensation you may be entitled to for the losses or injuries that you or a loved one may have suffered.

These are undoubtedly difficult, emotional times for you; there are many questions you probably have about available legal options, what costs are involved, and how long will it take for you to be compensated for losses and expenses incurred. Rest assured that many of these questions can be answered in the free, initial legal consultation that we offer all potential clients. Our network of attorneys are skilled and specialized in a variety of litigation subjects, allowing us to handle a range of cases and lawsuits in one place, with a history of successful results.

Our legal team is committed to providing caring representation that is sensitive to the needs of victims or loved ones who have suffered injuries, hospitalization, deaths, or financial loss because of negligence, recklessness, fraud, or other legal issues out of the victim’s control.

While we are experienced in all personal injury litigation we particularly specialize in the areas of:

  • Defective Drugs
  • Defective Medical Devices
  • Defective Products
  • Car Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Chemical Exposure

The legal history for these kind of lawsuits show that many cases are settled, and do not always go to trial. Contrary to popular belief, most of these cases are not handled as part of a class-action but are given individual treatment to better suit your specific needs.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or death as a result of any of these issues or been the victim of any other type of personal injury we invite you to contact us for a free evaluation of your legal options. Be aware that in many cases, there are time limits that affect when a lawsuit can be filed, so it is important to contact us as soon as possible. This will not only protect your legal rights but enable us to begin an aggressive representation on behalf of your interests in any legal actions that move forward.

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